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Horizon “Altostratus” - Light Enhancer Resin Floors

This is polished concrete like you have never seen before but with endless colour variations and design opportunities with all of the benefits of modern resins for durability with unrivalled crystal clear clarity. There are few limitations of where it can be used so please feel free to contact us with your design ideas.

Poured Floors - Polished Concrete - Liquid Vinyl Comfort Floors

These floors have really taken off in the 21st century because they are so versatile with all the benefits of being seamless. The choice of colours, finishes and effects is huge and in most cases can be laid over wooden floors. They are also perfect for underfloor heating projects.

Industrial and Heavy Duty Flooring

The right preparation of any sub floor is always crucial if you want the floor to last.

With Industrial flooring and Resins it is absolutely paramount that the sub base regardless of weather its concrete, screed, wood or any thing else it must have good inner and surface strength if the topping is going to stand a chance of performing as the manufactures suggest.

Lay onto a weak or contaminated surface don't be surprised if the topping starts to crack and de- bond.  We will always inspect the floor prior to starting on site as even a newly laid Concrete or screed will need some level of preparation, even if its just very light with a thorough vacuum.

We can offer a wide range of Resin floors from light to medium duty coatings and poured resins to heavy duty Polyurethane screeds laid between 6mm and 9mm thick. Decorative options are also available using coloured Quartz, Glitter and Coloured flakes. Liquid vinyl and cushioned comfort flooring work very well for the retail and commercial environment where a seamless floor is desired.

If it's simply a heavy duty seamless floor you need that can be laid almost anywhere and be expected to last for 10 to 20 years then our range of Polyurethane screeds are by far the best value as they have so many benefits in one system. They are quick to lay and cure after preparation compared to many other resin floors, they are very robust, have a range of anti slip textures, are certified for use in raw meat/fish processing areas, can be steam cleaned when laid at 9mm and are available in a range of colours.

Seamless Resin Flooring

Traditionally used for Industrial and Food manufacturing facilities, Modern technology, together with the overall benefits resins can offer has now allowed a wide range of resin based products to be ideally  suited to Commercial, Retail and the Domestic projects.

The Introduction of Flexible Polyurethanes and Polished Concrete effect floors are leading the way and several decorative options are also available.  Poured resins and Liquid Vinyl comfort flooring can be adapted to be used almost anywhere so Design with resins is also now a consideration rather than what used to be just performance.

Cost is generally comparable with good quality Ceramics or Vinyl although very small areas less than 10m2 can work out uneconomical with certain systems. We are always happy to listen to your requirements and offer a sensible price for Design, supply and installation.

Resin floors don't work for everybody in the home environment and sometimes good old fashioned Tiles or Vinyl can be a more practical solution. If we don't think they are the best option for you we will let you know and explain why and hopefully offer something that does fit with your needs or budget. If you have a Retail or Commercial project then there are rarely any issues with having a Resin type floor.

Secondary Containment - Oil and Chemical Bunds

Please contact us with your containment requirements so we may assess whether you require our spray applied system or our trowel and roller applied system.

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